Talent Management

We determine the exact profile required with all its characteristics and those of the organization.

Once established we attract candidates for the job and are assessed by different techniques, to determine what their personality characteristics, potential, skills, knowledge, etc., We predict tendencies in future behavior in the workplace and within the organizational culture of our client company.

Through this process, we assesses personality characteristics of applicants, intelligence levels, interests, motivations, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​to achieve the “perfect partner” or “perfect fit”.

Bertoni Group specializes in the following profiles:

Oil & Gas Specialists

During the last 30 years from our Venezuelan office we have worked with the top multinational companies in the Oil and Gas industry.

From our Miami Office today we cover all the global requirements for Oil and Gas specialists in the Latin Region.


Major corporations in the region rely on us for key positions including management.

We support your organization in detecting the exact need in terms of profile for the role to develop or seek the person chosen by your organization and through the “hunting”. All our processes run under our characteristic confidentiality.


From a local manager to a regional manager, we have access to the best profiles of the region. Over 30 years we have developed an extensive network of contacts and excellent relationships with various industries all over the Latin region.