Outplacement Latin America

Today’s organizations are increasingly dynamic, and human capital also needs to be adjusted to market conditions or new business opportunities.

Our career transition solutions are in charge of optimizing the human capital dimension required for your organization.

We take our charge dissociation processes of human talent when needed, minimizing the impact on people affected as well as maintaining productivity and staff morale unaffected during the process.

We have solutions available to meet specific needs:


Training and support for transition in the notification

We work with the transition team of the company in the planning and execution of personnel severance to make it smoother through training of personnel in charge of this process.

Besides our specialized staff attends each individual case on the day of notification providing psychological and emotional support in situ.

Transition Centers

This is the best solution when the number of people to be unrelated surpasses the 100 people assembled for which solutions tailored and adapted to the culture of the company itself.

Online and Local Individual programs:

This service is aimed at professionals, Management, Executives and Directors. They can choose a service face to face with the Consultant, an online service, or a mixed program. Executives can choose a customized program accordingly.

Life choice: Retirement, Part Time Work, Active Retirement

Is the planned program especially for people over 50 years old which includes all aspects of the life of the Third Age and the creation of different career options as part-time, retirement or active retirement.

Group programs

Apply basic levels, personal staff and workers through specialized workshops on employability, Reinsertion or Entrepreneurship.


An entrepreneur has an idea and likes to turn it into a business. There are many ways to become an entrepreneur. You can choose self-employment, buying a franchise, buying an existing business or starting a business from scratch. Our services follow every step to future entrepreneurs.