RPO:Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We have added our 30 years experience in Latin America, and the latest technologies, to offer a quality service at a fraction of the cost of a traditional specialized Recruitment and Selection process.

How does my organization benefit?

Planning in advance with our clients we can offer a recruitment and selection process for a certain period of time with the same quality but at a fraction of the individual cost.

We become an ally for your HR department helping with the selection process that increasingly demands more time and expertise given the high volatility of the labor market globally.

Our team is trained in all the latest technology tools and has the know-how necessary to perform the process in a more efficient manner enabling our clients to focus on the fundamental roles of HR departments.

We have access to a global network of networking to find and attract the required talent.

We negotiate in your name with the selected talents.

What kind of companies should take advantage of RPO?

All those companies that have a talent demand plan for a period of time: A specific project, a quarter, a year.

What positions are covered?

RPO is optimal for all the organization middle management and technical specialists.


  • Up to 80% savings in recruitment costs unlike the traditional model.
  • Dedicated Senior Recruiters with oil and gas experience.
  • Results in 15 business days.
  • Confidentiality and privacy.
  • Detailed progress reports on the of the process advance.
  • Non-competition and DNT Guarantee (Do not touch, ensuring that your global team will not be contacted by our recruiters for another client).
  • Total Satisfaction 180 day Replacement Warranty.
  • Global Reach: you can search positions on any of your company offices around the globe.
  • Flat Rate: You can select more than one candidate for each position with no additional cost.
  • Direct and dedicated telephone line with the Project Manager.
  • Specialists in the oil industry, 30 years in Latin America.
  • Multilingual staff (English-Spanish-Portuguese).
  • We use the leading global specialist portals included in your fixed cost.
  • We perform a detailed “how fit” analysis on your organization´s culture.
  • 7/24/365 worldwide dedication to attract to the best talents around the globe.